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    Gestion Technique et Energetique du Bâtiment
    Building Automation Systems Management


Energest was created on 1 April 2005 by Mr. Pascal Angéloz

Energest works on the principle of management by project.
While "neither too small nor too large. Energest offers flexibility, responsiveness, while ensuring the long-term monitoring.

It currently has 6 people for a total of 4.8 to 100% positions.

1 technical manager and commercial director.

3 project managers Technicians.
    Including: 1 Automaticien CFC
                    2 Technicians ETin automation

1 Secretary 40% (French)

1 Secretary 20% (French, English, Chinese)


2015 Information Energest (in French)

2014 Information Energest (in French)

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